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Game Development
Centrick Studios Services provide solutions to convert your game ideas into reality. We develop games for PC using Unreal Engine 4 and other industry standard tools. We deal in genre like; Action, Adventure, Survival, Strategy, Fighting, First Person Shooter, and Third Person Shooter.
3D Modelling
We provide service for 3D modelling in multiple industries like gaming, architecture, and virtual production. We create game ready assets, game characters, architectural concepts, and hard surface 3D products or assets with high quality renders and textures following the industry standard pipeline.
Environment Design
We create levels and environments for games and virtual production using Unreal Engine 4. We focus on quality, and realism along with optimization constraints.
3D Animation
We create creative 2D and 3D animations for game trailers, cinematic sequences, promos, product reveals, etc. We create both stylized and real life like animations using top softwares currently live in industry.
We create creative and user friendly game interfaces and designs to provide best and easy experience to users.
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